IndiaGirl raped, made pregnant and drowned; Defendant's police front request; ...

Girl raped, made pregnant and drowned; Defendant’s police front request; Tactical move of the officer


  • Police say girl is pregnant
  • The defendant was strategically trapped
  • The initiative was taken by a police officer

New Delhi: The Delhi Police has arrested a suspect in a torture case using a police officer. The sub-inspector found the culprit in the case, which was registered on the basis of a complaint lodged by a girl, through social media.

Police have received information that a 16-year-old girl was molested and admitted to hospital. The medical examination also revealed that the girl was pregnant. The girl’s statement was then recorded by the police. The girl initially refused to file a complaint but later agreed to file a complaint.

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The boy said he met the accused a few months ago and he lives near the house. According to an Indian Express report quoting police, the girl testified that the two had sex but later neglected the child. The police had registered a case based on the complaint lodged by the child.

The first attempt of the police was to find the social media account of the accused. Sub-inspector Priyanka Saini found more than 100 Facebook profiles in the name of the accused. Police found that one of the accused was managing an account.

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The officer then created a new Facebook account and sent a front request to the accused. Chatting with him started as soon as he accepted the request. Although at first the accused was not ready to divulge the information, the police gradually trusted him and took over the information. The mobile number was then handed over to the accused officer.

The accused then asked the officer to meet him near the Dashranth Puri metro station on July 31 at 7.30 pm. Police officers were deployed in the mufti on the spot. However, he later relocated and asked to come to Dwarka Sector 1. However, police said that he also asked the officer to reach the Shri Mata Mandir Mahaveer enclave within a few minutes.

According to police, he was an employee of a fancy shop in Dwarka. During interrogation, police found that he had befriended six girls over the past 15 months. Police said the man, who introduced the girls under false names, had adopted a method of avoiding them after having sex. Police said the man had changed his residence from time to time to avoid being caught.

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