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Gio Queiroz, former Barcelona player, denounces that she suffered psychological abuse at the club

Gio Queiroz, the day of his presentation in Barcelona.FC BARCELONA (FC BARCELONA)

The former Barcelona player Gio Queiroz denounces having suffered “humiliating and shameful situations” during the time she was in the Barça entity (2020-21 season). “It was clear that they wanted to destroy my reputation, undermine my self-esteem, degrade my working conditions, belittle and underestimate my psychological conditions,” explains the current Levante footballer, 18, in an open letter addressed to the president of Barça, Joan Laporta . Ella Queiroz assures that she was forced by the club’s medical department to carry out “an illegal confinement” because the club considered that she had been a close contact of a positive for covid. According to the Brazilian, once her confinement was over, she joined the concentration with her team. Upon returning to Barcelona she was separated from the first team. “I was accused of having committed a serious lack of discipline,” says Queiroz. Barcelona’s version does not coincide with that of the soccer player: “She traveled without anyone’s authorization when she had to be in quarantine. FIFA has already dismissed her complaint, as has the compliance [departamento de control interno] of the club”.

Queiroz signed for Barcelona in July 2020. She arrived with the poster of the youngest footballer in the Iberdrola League after two seasons at Madrid CCF The Brazilian trained with the first team, but played with the subsidiary. In total, he participated in 13 games for the Barça second team. In February 2021, according to Queiroz, the head of medical services informed him that he had been a close contact of a covid positive and, therefore, he should remain in forty. “I sensed that the reasons were different and I contacted the Department of Health of Catalonia. The answer was clear and forceful. My case could not be considered a close contact according to the current health protocol”, says the Brazilian. Surprised, she spoke again with the Barcelona medical department. “Your case is different. I was authorized to make a special confinement for you, “the galena replied. “In the end, they illegally locked me up and I couldn’t leave the house. I couldn’t train or have a normal routine. I was devastated,” explains Queiroz.

The soccer player suspected that, in reality, Barcelona’s reason for forcing her to remain locked up was to prohibit her from traveling to play with her national team. “I was in a good dynamic until I received the first call-up for the Brazilian team. From that moment on, I began to receive different treatment within the club. First, I received indications that playing with the Brazilian team would not be the best for my future at Barça”, says the Brazilian. “Despite the unpleasant and persistent harassment”, adds Queiroz, “I did not give much importance and attention to the matter. Over time, the attacks began to be carried out through other pressure mechanisms inside and outside the club. They were cornering me in an abusive way so that I would give up defending the Brazilian team. Arbitrary methods were used with the clear objective of harming my professional life within the club.

Barcelona does not share the player’s vision. “Most of our players are international. Why can it affect us that a player who has not participated in any match with the first team travels with her national team? On the contrary”, they underline from the Catalan club. The situation made Queiroz go to Levante when he still had a year of contract with Barcelona (until 2023). “Abuses are born and develop in situations of imbalance of power and in environments that allow such practices, while silencing and shaming their victims. Women deserve respect and dignity. Today I want to take the first step to fully recover my freedom and emotional stability and that is why I decided to write this open letter. I hope that FC Barcelona fulfills its institutional role and acts in a consistent and transparent manner, investigating and denouncing possible crimes to the relevant authorities”, concludes Queiroz in his letter published on Twitter.

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