IndiaGhaziabad news: 7 youths drowned in Ganga canal during Ganesh idol immersion,...

Ghaziabad news: 7 youths drowned in Ganga canal during Ganesh idol immersion, NDRF jawans saved their lives

Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad
The NDRF rescued 7 people who were immersed in the canal during the immersion of Ganesh idol on the Ganges canal, which is called Chhota Haridwar, in Muradnagar police station of Ghaziabad. These seven were flown in different incidents. The NDRF operation lasted till 10 pm. Near Saunda village, two children were also reported to have been swept away, their rescue operation is still going on.

Seven youth drowned during Ganesh idol immersion
The Ganges Canal, which is called Chhota Haridwar located in Muradnagar, is the center of faith of the people. Where every year a large number of Ganesh idols are immersed. Due to the strong current in the Ganges canal, one or the other accident often happens here while taking a bath. This time apart from the local divers, personnel of the 8th Battalion of NDRF located at Nehru Nagar were also present on the Gang Canal equipped with all the resources.

A large number of people reached here on Sunday also. Most of the people who immersed the idol of Ganesha were youths. Some youths took a bath before the immersion. Meanwhile, from morning till evening, about 7 youths were washed away in the Gang Canal due to the strong current. To save everyone, NDRF personnel carried out rescue operations continuously till 10 pm and took everyone out of the canal safely.

NDRF gave life to all 7 people
NDRF Commandant Praveen Kumar Tiwari said that on Sunday, 30-year-old Avinash first drowned while taking a bath, which was rescued. After that 25-year-old Saurabh got swept away and he was also rescued. Shortly after, an 18-year-old youth named Nishant drowned. He too was saved after tireless efforts. Shortly after this, a 26-year-old youth named Akash was reported to have drowned, he was also rescued.

In the afternoon, both 18-year-old Deepak and 45-year-old B Kumar were washed away in a strong current together. He too was saved just in time. In the evening, 18-year-old Gaurav son Kashmiri Lal was reported to have drowned, who was rescued safely by running a rescue operation till 10:00 pm. In this way, 7 people have been saved safely by the NDRF team from morning till evening.

Rescue operation underway to save two children
Praveen Kumar said that when the information of drowning of two children was also received in the Ganges canal near Saunda village late in the evening, NDRF personnel have been deployed for the rescue operation. But their whereabouts have not been found yet. At present, the rescue operation is still going on.

NDRF personnel engaged in rescue work


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