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German Chancellor Merkel asked to stay in office until a new government is formed

After the first session of the parliament after the September 26 elections, Merkel and other members of the government were given certificates that their terms of office were officially over.

In his speech here, Steinmeier thanked Merkel for her tough 16 years in power and said, “Mr. Chancellor, we have to thank you for the sixteen years you have led our country in a period not so poor in terms of crises and turmoil. There have been great crises for years; “The financial and economic crisis at the beginning, the euro crisis in your second term, the great humanitarian refugee and migration crisis in your third term, and finally the Covid-19 crisis. Years where our country gained respect and love in Europe and the world.” said.

Steinmeier, who praised Merkel for her brave decision during the refugee crisis in 2015, said: “But above all, you have earned the trust of our citizens. This is not an easy task in a country that has to learn to trust itself first. I personally thank you for your courage to take responsibility not only for your country but also for Europe.”

After the elections in Germany, the term of office of the prime minister and other federal ministers officially comes to an end after the meeting of the Bundestag.

However, the President recommends that the old government hold office until the new government is formed in the country, in accordance with the relevant article of the constitution.

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