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General Manager of Forestry Karacabey: 144 fires broke out in 6 days, 134 under control

Forest General Manager Bekir Karacabey, in his written statement, emphasized that they will continue to fight with all fire crews until the last fire goes out.

Karacabey stated that, unfortunately, there were loss of life and property in Antalya Manavgat and Marmaris fires, which started at the same time in many points and have not yet been brought under control, “2 in Antalya, 5 in Muğla, one each in Adana, Isparta and Denizli,” Karacabey said. A total of 51 helicopters, including 16 water-throwing, 9 UAVs, 45 helicopters, 6 management helicopters, 1 unmanned helicopter, 805 water tankers and water tankers, 150 construction equipment and 5,200 personnel are on duty for 10 forest fires that caused fire. gave the information.

Karacabey stated that they, as the Forestry Organization, experienced the great sadness of losing two personnel in their fight against the fires, and noted that they were in the sadness of losing 5 citizens who were affected by the fires and lost their lives.

Pointing out that despite the harsh conditions, they continue to fight from the air and from the ground with all their might, Karacabey said, “Especially the wind makes our fight difficult. 144 fires broke out in 6 days, 134 of them are under control. Efforts to control 10 fires in 5 provinces are also continuing rapidly. In addition, 6 days We have also intervened in 86 rural area fires. used the phrase.

“90% of fires are caused by humans”

Karacabey also pointed out that there is a lot of speculative information circulating, especially on social media, and invited everyone to get information from official sources and support the struggle.

Emphasizing that all the means of the state will be mobilized to heal the wounds of the citizens affected by the fire, Karacabey said:

“As always, we will continue to work for the cleaning, rehabilitation and reforestation of the area after the fire. However, our citizens also have a great responsibility here. As is known by statistics, 90 percent of the fires are caused by human-induced causes. Protecting forests is protecting the homeland. Green homeland. Everyone should show sensitivity to protect it.”

Wishing God’s mercy to the martyrs and citizens who lost their lives and patience to their relatives, Karacabey said, “I convey my best wishes to all our citizens affected by the fire and thank all our public institutions and organizations for their unwavering support.” used the phrase.

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