TechnologyGeco for School, the hyper-technological virtual fair on sustainability, is back

Geco for School, the hyper-technological virtual fair on sustainability, is back

A hyper-technological virtual world where students can create an avatar and deepen the theme of sustainability. He’s warming up the engines Geco For School, the event which is about to start on October 18 and will continue until December 18. It is a sort of ‘rib’ of Geco Expo, the virtual 3D fair on sustainability, which will return in March 2022 for its second edition. The Geco platform – which reinterprets the trade fair experience in a virtual, safe and eco-friendly logic – was born during the pandemic not only to reactivate the business, but, together with the partners who have embraced the slogan ‘Green Together’, it also sets itself the goal of building a generation increasingly informed and prepared on environmental issues.

So much so as to create an ad hoc ‘middle’ appointment: the ‘marathon’ Geco For School, in support of high school teachers interested in working with their students on sustainability. In a 3D virtual space over 10,000 young people will be able to undertake a path designed to develop skills and increase knowledge of the issues of the Green New Deal, also through gamification. Each student can create a personalized avatar, chat with peers from all over Italy and, in March, will have free access to the events of Geco Expo which will host green economy companies.

These will show their products and services in the virtual stands and explain their importance for a more sustainable future. Young people, as well as buyers and visitors, will also have the opportunity to listen to the scheduled conferences and workshops, which will see about eighty experts and best practices alternate. “We are very satisfied with the response to this project which will involve over 10 thousand young people” says Daniele Capogna, founder of Geco and CEO of Smart Eventi. “We must change the way we do business and – he emphasizes – of living, and we can only do it together: the alliance between companies, families and institutions is fundamental so that the younger generations are made aware of the issue of sustainability and become responsible citizens”.

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