WorldGaza: An economic delegation visits Cairo

Gaza: An economic delegation visits Cairo

AA / Rafah

A Palestinian economic delegation left the Gaza Strip on Sunday for the Egyptian capital Cairo, via the Rafah crossing, to discuss issues of common interest.

The delegation, whose visit to Cairo will last several days, includes businessmen headed by the vice-president of the Palestinian chambers of commerce, Walid Al-Hossari.

“The delegation, which also includes entrepreneurs and industrialists, was supposed to go to Cairo for 2 months, but the visit was postponed for technical reasons,” Anadolu Oussema Kahil, member of the delegation, told the Agency.

And to add: “We will meet the Egyptian officials in Cairo to discuss several important files, in particular the import-export via the Rafah terminal of the goods produced in Egypt or imported via its ports”.

Kahil noted that the delegation will also address “the subject of tariffs for the transport of goods from Egypt to Gaza” which he described as “extremely high”, “which exacerbates the deterioration of the economic situation in Gaza.”

He expressed his wish that Gaza traders “can import all goods from Egypt, including goods banned by Israel on the pretext that they could be used for military purposes.”

Regarding the Gaza reconstruction file, Kahil spoke of fears about “the intervention of Egyptian companies via its staff to implement reconstruction operations”. And to continue: “We have previously discussed this issue with the Egyptian side who told us that the reconstruction will be done with a workforce and Palestinian companies.”

It should be noted that a Hamas delegation chaired by the leader of the movement in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, also visited Cairo.

A Hamas leader told Anadolu Agency that the delegation will join the first meeting of the movement’s new political bureau, scheduled for Sunday evening in the Egyptian capital.

The movement’s leadership will meet with Egyptian intelligence chief General Abbas Kamel on Monday to discuss issues of common interest and the situation in the Gaza Strip.

* Translated from Arabic by Fatma Ben Dhaou

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