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Garibashvili: The judicial system of Georgia is much ahead of the judicial system of the EU countries

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili disagrees with EU officials who criticize the Georgian government for not wanting to take EU financial assistance in exchange for reforms in the judicial system, Novosti-Georgia reports.

Moreover, Garibashvili believes that the judicial system of Georgia, after it was reformed after the “Georgian Dream” came to power, is ahead of the courts of the EU countries.

Garibashvili made the corresponding statement on Wednesday, in response to a comment by MEP Viola von Cramon, in which she criticized the decision of the Georgian government to refuse the second tranche of EU aid in the amount of 75 million euros. Garibashvili explained this by reluctance to take another loan, but Kramon pointed out that the Georgian government actually refuses to comply with the conditions for the allocation of assistance.

“We all know well and remember what kind of judicial system Georgian Dream has adopted [с приходом к власти]After that, we have implemented more than one real and accessible reform – four waves of judicial reform, which made this system really transparent, accountable and completely open. At the same time, I want to remind everyone that the judicial system of Georgia and the system existing today is far ahead of the judicial system of the states – the current members of the European Union, ”Garibashvili said.

According to him, this is confirmed by all studies, including polls in the European Union and as a result of studies conducted by organizations with a very high rating.

The prime minister added that reforms in Georgia are continuing.

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