WorldGaribashvili: Georgia will no longer withstand closures and restrictions

Garibashvili: Georgia will no longer withstand closures and restrictions

Georgia will no longer withstand closures and restrictions, so the government intends to manage the pandemic process and promote economic growth. Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said this at a government meeting on Monday.

He pointed out that a high rate of economic recovery has been recorded in Georgia over the past six months.

According to preliminary data from the Sakstat National Statistics Service, compared to the same period last year, economic growth in April was 45%, in May – 25%, in June – 18.7%.

This comes against the backdrop of the fact that in 2020 the Georgian economy was practically stopped and experienced a drop of 7.7%.

“The right way for our country is, on the one hand, to maintain high rates of economic growth. Looking at the countries in the region and current trends in Europe as a whole, this growth is not seen in many places. This is truly unprecedented growth in our country. On the other hand, I consider it very good and joyful news that we managed to bring such a quantity of vaccines, ”Garibashvili said.

The Prime Minister noted that vaccination is a way to preserve the economy and generally survive in the current situation.

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