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Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim: We have a president and management working with extraordinary efforts

The experienced coach made a statement to the press after their friendly match with Kasımpaşa, one of the Super League teams, at the Esenyurt Necmi Kadıoğlu Stadium.

Terim used the following statements about the friendly match they won 4-2:

“Kasimpasa is a serious team. Not everyone is fully prepared, but despite this, the pace was close to the league pace. The rate of struggle was also quite high. A league match-like game was played for a while. Our passing game, our reaction when we caught the ball, and our pressure were good from time to time. Our goals were rational and It was good. We played better in the first half than the second half. Even though we changed 11 people at halftime, it was important to dominate the game, enter goal positions and score goals in the second half. We have to make this a habit. Winning is always important, but let’s not forget that it is a friendly game after all. We will see our shortcomings. “Our analysts will draw important examples from here. This is what we will gain from here. Besides, this dress will look better if we put on our winning habit.”

Noting that they are preparing for the match with PSV team of the Netherlands in the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League on July 21, Terim said, “Our last rehearsal before the PSV match will be with Olympiakos on Tuesday. It’s warm, I want to see something good, including travel. Olympiakos is also important. “A team is a team. After that, we will prepare for PSV. I did not risk Marcao today. He had a problem with his Achilles tendon. We thought it appropriate for him to talk to the doctor and rest.” he said.

“We have a president and management working with extraordinary efforts”

Fatih Terim, stating that the president Burak Elmas personally conducts the negotiations about the transfers, invited the fans to be comfortable.

Noting that he gave a chance to young players in the preparations for the new season, Terim said, “I am satisfied with the youth. I think I have made my intentions clear this year. I always gave them a chance. I hope they use their chances well. We need them.” said.

Referring to the criticism that the transfers are late, the experienced coach continued as follows:

“We have a president and administration that works with extraordinary efforts. It will happen. I can understand it. I can also feel the anxiety. There may be those who say. “Even if we don’t, there’s no guarantee for them. Let them rest in peace. We have until September.”

Explaining his conversation with Burak Elmas, the president of the Kasımpaşa match at halftime, Fatih Terim said, “The subject we talk about the most with the president these days is transfer. Thankfully, Ozan Şener and my brother gave information about the latest situation. I also shared some things. We will meet again on the way back. Galatasaray people rest easy. We may be a little late. “We’re late most of the time. Do you remember a year when all the transfers were complete when the season opened? expressed an opinion.

Reminding his cheerful attitude in the new period, Terim said, “Do you interpret this period as the 5th Fatih Terim period, or as an ongoing process? Have you opened a new page?” On the question, “You are the ones who know me the most. You all know my mood. I am a person who shows his mood in the face of events. I can’t pretend. It is very simple to diagnose this.” made its assessment.

Trainings will be opened to fans to encourage the Covid-19 vaccine

The coach of the yellow-red team stated that they opened the training sessions to the fans to encourage the vaccine as part of the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, and said:

“My dear friend Prof. Dr. Ataş Kara called me. He gave me his thoughts on the vaccine. I also found it reasonable. To do this, we gladly invited 40 people who have received 1 or 2 doses of vaccine to the training. This was not just for that day. Every available When we become Florya fans, our universities and high schools will be open. Our aim here is to ask everyone to get the vaccine. We lived one day to help the efforts of those in the Scientific Committee. That day, we chose Galatasaray University and Galatasaray High School. Tomorrow there will be another high school or university. may come.”

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