IndiaFumio Kishida is Japan's new Prime Minister; He became the 100th...

Fumio Kishida is Japan’s new Prime Minister; He became the 100th Prime Minister of the country


  • Fumio Kishida is Japan’s new Prime Minister
  • He became the 100th Prime Minister of the country
  • Cabinet announcement may be made soon

Tokyo: Fumio Kishida has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Japan. Kishida is set to become the next Prime Minister with the responsibility of leading the economy from the Covid Pandemic. Fumio Kishida, 64, was elected leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) yesterday.

Fumio became prime minister after defeating Taro Kono in a race against the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Kishida is set to become Japan’s 100th prime minister.

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Kishida previously served as Foreign Minister in Japan’s longest – serving Shinzo Abe government. That was from 2012 to 2017. During his tenure as foreign minister, Fumio Kishida ‘s stance on the development and use of nuclear weapons caught the world’s attention.

Yoshihite Suga became prime minister last year after Shinzo Abe resigned due to health problems. Suga came to power after defeating Kishida. But Suga resigned within a year of taking office.

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The party has elected a new prime minister following the resignation of Prime Minister Yoshihito Suga. There may be a new cabinet announcement soon. Foreign Minister Toshimsu Motegi and Defense Minister Nobo Kishi are expected to remain in Fumio’s cabinet in Suga’s cabinet.

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Kishida had earlier said that if she becomes a leader, the first thing she will implement is economic consolidation. He also promised to launch a number of schemes to revive the collapsed economy in Kovil.

Kishida comes from a long family of politicians. He first entered politics in 1993, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

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