SportsFrom the personality of Unai Simón to the temple of Busquets

From the personality of Unai Simón to the temple of Busquets

Busquets, Pedri and Unai Simón, in a training session in Las Rozas.JAVIER SORIANO / AFP

The personality of Unai Simón, the hierarchy of Azpilicueta, the leadership of Busquets, the explosion of Pedri and the assault on the ownership of Sarabia were some of the individual milestones of the 24 Spanish selected.

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Unai Simon

His ability to recover from the poor foot control that was the first Croatian goal has been one of the great episodes of this European Championship. An overwhelming personality so as not to beat oneself and continue risking with the foot. With the stop to Pasalic at the start of extra time against the Croats and the two penalties that stopped Switzerland, they crowned him the great hero.

Marcos Llorente

Luis Enrique cited him as a right-back and in that demarcation he started the first two games. He had legs to reach the opposite area, but in defense he was seen to be somewhat disoriented. He left the impression that he did not win a winger and missed the key player in Atlético’s league title.


Luis Enrique gave him the title in the third game against Slovakia and he no longer lost the position. He won the pulse of Marcos Llorente because he gave sobriety and hierarchy to the defensive line. He is not reminded of an error throughout the championship and he was more than correct in the exit of the ball and in his incorporations to the attack. Scored 2-1 against Croatia


From less to more. The only outfield player who has played every minute (630). Under the spotlight from the first moment for its express nationalization. He played and suffered in the right profile when Luis Enrique transgressed the classicism aligning him with Pau Torres to form a pair of left-handed centrals. His progression is described from how Lewandowski earned him the space to score the Polish tying goal until his impressive match with Italy at the crossroads and at the ball exit. No one has attempted more passes (690) since Euro 1980.

Laporte anticipates Immobile during the Spain-Italy.
Laporte anticipates Immobile during the Spain-Italy.Matt Dunham / AP

Pau Torres

Holder in the first two meetings. Softer than expected. He lost his place in the third game and regained it against Switzerland, but again showed signs of fragility. Better with the ball than defending.

Eric Garcia

He benefited from his rapport with Laporte, with whom he has shared a line at City. He showed his best virtue, his impeccable ball delivery. Correct at the crossroads.

Jordi Alba

The best in attack during many phases of the matches because of his depth. Luis Enrique gave him a break from the start in the round of 16. He returned to eleven like a motorcycle in the quarterfinal crossing against Switzerland, in which a shot of his that bounced off Zakaria put Spain ahead. An assist and the player who has generated the most chances to score (12).


The positive for the coronavirus of Busquets offered him the opportunity to finish consolidating himself as the other great reference midfielder of the selection. He arrived at the tournament with very fair strength and that led him not to risk. Took excessively in security passes horizontally or backwards.


Luis Enrique decided to wait for him and he was right. He gave another air to the game since his appearance in the third match against Slovakia. With him on the field, everything seemed more natural and the possession less civil. Erected as a great silent leader and less strident than Ramos. He transmitted tranquility and the team grew in the championship from his figure.


At just 18 years old, he was not overwhelmed by the demands of the tournament. He only missed one minute, the last of overtime against Switzerland. The mixture of his qualities can mark an era if he is sharpened with the goal. He has not taken a single shot on goal in the entire tournament. Until the semifinals, the player who traveled the most distance, with 76.1 kilometers. With the ball he taught mastery to hold and distribute it. He left technical gestures of pure Canarian school and some memorable filtered pass. The youngest Spaniard to debut in a great national team competition.


A tireless worker in pressure, he lost steam in the last two games. He consolidated along with Busquets and Pedri as the third midfielder. He missed the goal on some clear occasions. An assist.

Sarabia controls a ball against Slovakia.
Sarabia controls a ball against Slovakia.David Ramos / POOL / EFE


He came last in line and jumped to the front line for his ability to attack spaces. Two goals and one asistence. A muscular contracture prevented him from contesting the semifinal when no one was discussing his ownership.

Dani Olmo

He lost the position in the third game in favor of Sarabia. His injury gave him ownership against Italy. His interpretation of what should be a false nine against Chiellini and Bonucci was perfect and was only clouded by the error in the penalty shootout. The best Spanish assistant (3) in a European Championship together with Silva (2008) and Cesc (2012). No one has finished more times in the tournament (21), but did not score.

Morata misses the penalty against Donnarumma.
Morata misses the penalty against Donnarumma.Facundo Arrizabalaga / POOL / EFE


Protagonist from start to finish. First for his failures before the goal and for having to endure, in addition to popular anger, insults and threats to his family. In between, a striker emerged, enthusiastic as the first man of the pressure. He ended with the penalty error that meant elimination, but with three goals, making him Spain’s top scorer in the history of the European Championship with six.

Ferran torres

Better numbers, two goals and one assist, what a game. He had the faith that Luis Enrique has in him to start four games.

Gerard Moreno

Five games and only two starts for the Spanish top scorer of the course, who led the second unit. Two assists and a missed penalty. Gray like Oyarzabal and Thiago. Gayá complied against Croatia. Traoré only played 12 minutes against Slovakia. Diego Llorente, De Gea and Robert Sánchez did not participate.

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