From 'Agarwal ji's boy to Agarwal tweets..' - desi Twitter's reaction to...

From ‘Agarwal ji’s boy to Agarwal tweets..’ – desi Twitter’s reaction to Parag Agarwal becoming Twitter CEO

On Monday, Jack Dorsey revealed the matter of his resignation in a tweet and told that now Parag Agarwal is taking his place. Parag Agarwal has been associated with Twitter for 10 years and is currently serving the company as Chief Technical Officer.

There are tremendous reactions on Twitter about Parag Agarwal becoming the CEO of the company. Especially, memes have also started being made about his name. It has been the tradition of Indian households and parents to curse their children by counting the achievements of other children (in a light manner brother!) ‘Agarwal ji’s son became the CEO of Twitter’ – Sharma ji’s meme in this meme It’s the same pain.

At the same time, the memes made about the presence of Agarwal Sweets franchise in many cities of the country were also seen here, but with word play. Many people quipped that now Agarwal Sweets will be renamed as Agarwal Tweets.

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher also reacted to Parag Agarwal becoming CEO and wrote that ‘ Apna Hindustani Bhai, Parag Aggarwal becomes the new CEO of Twitter! Anything can happen :)’

With Parag Agarwal becoming the CEO, many people also highlighted the fact that how the big companies of the world are running under the leadership of Indians. Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself said in a tweet that ‘USA benefits a lot from India’s talent.’

Rashtriya Lok Dal also congratulated Parag Agarwal.

Another interesting thing is that many users were seen making the same appeal in front of Aggarwal – to give the option of edit in Twitter. As you would know that Twitter does not give users the option of editing once they have tweeted.

Parag Agarwal as CEO has come into force with immediate effect. Dorsey will remain on the board of the social media company until 2022.