WorldFrench press closely follows President Erdogan's visit to Africa

French press closely follows President Erdogan’s visit to Africa

In the news of Le Figaro newspaper titled “Erdogan strengthens his presence in Africa”, Erdogan stated that “Western colonial powers” had lost interest in Africa in the early 2000s and began to be present in “Muslim African countries” such as Somalia and then Libya. stated to have started.

In the news, it was noted that Turkish Airlines (THY) was the only major airline that operated flights to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, where the Westerners carried out military operations during the 1992-1994 period.

In the news, it was stated that selling Turkish weapons will be in question during Erdogan’s visit to Angola and Nigeria.

“These SİHAs are the weapon of dreams in wars around the world”

In the news, these SİHAs neutralized the so-called KCK executive council member İsmail Özden, one of the leaders of the terrorist organization PKK, in Iraq in August 2018, and the attack of Khalifa Haftar and “Russian mercenaries”, the leader of the illegitimate forces in eastern Libya. Emphasizing that it prevented Bashar Assad’s regime in Idlib, defeated the Bashar Assad regime in Idlib, and ensured Azerbaijan’s victory over Armenia in the conflict in Karabakh, the following evaluations were made:

“These SİHAs are the weapon dreamed of in world wars. They are 20 times cheaper than warplanes and do not endanger the lives of any of their pilots. They have become a vector of Turkish influence in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Erdogan himself, like the USA, China and Russia, “It is the effect he has cleverly developed without going into conflict with stronger countries. But he is not afraid to challenge less powerful countries like France. (Erdogan) won the arm wrestling against France in June 2020 off the Libyan coast.”

In the news, “How could the French industry lag so far behind the USA, Israel and even Turkey in UAV production?” question was asked.

In the news, which stated that the history of French SİHA gave the answer to this question, it was stated that the first project in 2008 was canceled, then the project was activated by France, Germany, Italy and Spain in 2018, and the first flight was targeted in 2028, 14 years after Bayraktar TB2.

Le Monde newspaper reported Erdogan’s visit to Africa, “Erdogan is trying to spread his influence in Africa.” announced under the title. In the news of the newspaper, it was noted that when Erdoğan completes these visits, he will have gone to 30 countries in Africa.

It was stated in the news that Turkey once handled its relations with Africa from an economic dimension, but in the current situation these relations also cover security issues, and that the goal of Turkey’s visit to Angola is to increase the trade volume from 176 million dollars to 500 million dollars.

In the news, it was emphasized that Angola is also a regional power that Turkey can rely on for its goals in the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Trade volume from $4 billion to $26 billion

In the news, where it was stated that Turkey may sell SİHAs to these countries during Erdogan’s visits to Nigeria and Togo, information was shared that Erdogan will meet with the leaders of Burkina Faso and Liberia during his visit to Togo.

In the news, which stated that Turkey and Niger signed an agreement in the field of defense in July 2020, it was emphasized that Libya is Turkey’s most visible success in Africa.

In the news, it was pointed out that Turkey increased the number of embassies in Africa from 9 to 43 in 20 years and increased its trade volume from 4 billion dollars to 26 billion dollars.

“They are cheaper than their Western counterparts and better quality than Chinese”

In the news of the French state radio RFI, it was stated that Erdogan wanted to strengthen his relations with Africa by visiting Angola, Nigeria and Togo, and that the economy was one of the aspects of the strategic partnership between Turkey and Africa.

In the news, which is stated that Turkey’s trade volume with Africa has increased from 5 billion dollars to 25 billion dollars, unlike Le Monde newspaper, in 20 years, Erdogan has visited 30 African countries and Turkey has 43 embassies in the continent.

The news shared the information that THY organized flights to 60 cities in the continent.

In the news, which is stated that Turkey sells SİHAs to Ethiopia, Tunisia and Morocco, regarding the SİHAs, “They are cheaper than their Western counterparts and better quality than the Chinese SİHAs.” expression was used.

In the news, it was stated that Turkey wants to double its trade volume with Nigeria.

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