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French historian: Macron is too focused on Erdogan, forgetting that the most serious threats in the Maghreb come from Russia and the UAE

Middle East expert Jean-Pierre Filiu in the newspaper Le Monde “FranceHe published a blog post titled ‘The Strange Obsession of Turkey in the Maghreb’.

President Emmanuel MacronIn its statements about the Maghreb, it targets only Turkey. However, Russia and the UAE are trying to undermine the French influence in the Maghreb.” Filiu reminded Macron’s statements about Algeria and Turkey.

Filiu said during the controversy surrounding Macron’s particular cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in October 2020.President Recep Tayyip ErdoganHe noted that it was “legitimate” for him to be concerned about smear campaigns against France inspired by

Stating that Algerian President Abdulmecid Tebbun’s visit to Ankara will reach the peak in relations between Algeria and Turkey, Filiu said, “By focusing too much on Erdogan, Macron forgets that the most serious threats to French influence in the Maghreb come mostly from Russia and the UAE. The French President’s shortsightedness in the Maghreb stems from his erroneous policy in Libya during the first three years of his mandate.” made its assessment.

Filiu stated that Macron’s support for Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the illegitimate forces in eastern Libya, caused the resumption of the “civil war” in the country in 2019 and undermined the mediation work of the United Nations (UN).

Noting that France “secretly” sided with Russia, UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Filiu said, “Hafter’s attack resulted in throwing the Tripoli government into Turkey’s arms. Turkey’s intervention reversed the military situation and sided with Haftar. It dispersed the Russian ‘mercenaries’ who took part in the war.” used the phrase.

In this context, Filiu drew attention to the fact that while France looks at Russia’s goals towards the Maghreb with “tolerance”, it evaluates Turkey’s goals as “hostile”.

Also, stating that Algeria’s first military partner by far is Moscow, Filiu said, “It is paradoxical to hear the French President condemn the anti-French politico-military system in Algeria, built on memory rent, without mentioning Russia, the main ally of such a system. Macron, Russian The silence (on the Algerian-Russian military partnership) is all the more disturbing, as he did not hesitate to scold Malian officials when they wanted to appeal to their ‘mercenaries’.” commented.

Filiu stated that Macron openly expressed his closeness, even “partnership” with UAE Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Stating that France’s reservations towards Abu Dhabi disappeared after the UAE signed the “peace agreement” with Israel in September 2020, Filiu said, “However, Mohammed Bin Zayed himself has open relations with the obvious enemies of France, especially Chechen Kadyrov. it has been forgotten.” made his statement.

Filiu pointed out that Nahyan “revenges” for Haftar’s defeat in Libya by sabotaging the “democratic experience” in Tunisia.

Arguing that the UAE and Egypt played an important role in Tunisian President Kays Said’s decision to “suspend the constitutional process” in his country, Filiu said that the UAE also contributed to the escalation of tensions between Algeria and Morocco.

“We hope that Macron’s recent openness to the Algerian regime will also come without delay for the UAE’s objectives in the region. Otherwise, the Franco-Maghrib relations will enter the field of increased turbulence, which Turkey did not cause but would naturally benefit from,” Filiu said. commented.

Macron’s statements on Algeria and Turkey

In his statement, Macron said, “The construction of Algeria as a nation is a phenomenon that should be watched. Was there an Algerian nation before the French colony? This is the question. (In Algeria) There were colonies before. Turkey’s role in Algeria and the I was fascinated by his ability to completely forget the domination, and to explain that we are the only colonizers, that’s great. Algerians believe that.” had used the phrase.

Reacting to the “unfactual rewriting of official history” regarding the colonial activities of France in Algeria, Macron claimed that this historiography was based on “a discourse on hatred of France”.

“The Algerian nation after 1962 was built on a memory rent. The whole problem is presented as France.” Commenting on this, Macron stated that they wanted to produce Arabic and Berber publications against “disinformation and propaganda made mostly by Turks” and “rewritten history” in the Maghreb.

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