WorldFrance: the Minister of the Interior denounces a site considered anti-Semitic

France: the Minister of the Interior denounces a site considered anti-Semitic

AA / Paris / Fatih KARAKAYA

The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, announced on Tuesday on his Twitter account “that he was going to report the site [Ils sont partout] justice “, because of its content considered anti-Semitic.

Indeed, while the website in question had already aroused strong reactions on social networks, the Minister of the Interior got involved in the controversy on his Twitter account by demanding its closure.

“This anti-Semitic site is deeply scandalous and nauseating. I report these facts, which may be qualified as a criminal offense, to the prosecutor so that prosecutions can be brought against its authors and have it closed as quickly as possible”, wrote Darmanin before moderating, in a second text, this time calling for the responsibility “of the hosts and those in charge of social networks” “.

In fact, the site “They are everywhere” has put online a cartography representing personalities according to their real or supposed membership of the Jewish community and their links with public institutions, political parties or the media. According to some detractors, the title of the site refers to an anti-Semitic press headline published under German occupation during World War II.

– Advertising for the site

On the other hand, other Net surfers strongly criticized the Minister of the Interior by accusing him of having advertised for a site “that nobody knew”.

Moreover, an Internet user reminded the Minister of the government’s recommendations on sites deemed illegal. Indeed, according to this guide, citizens must report these sites discreetly without promoting the site by sharing its link.

In addition, other Net surfers were, once again, offended by the policy of “double standards” of the French government which “considers as freedom of expression all attacks of the same kind against the Muslims under cover of fight against Islamism “.

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