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France Submarines Russia: Fear of Russian attack, France deploys 3 submarines equipped with nuclear bombs after 30 years, missile test

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fear of nuclear attack is increasing if Russia does not win even after 30 days in the war in Ukraine. The Russian army is raining bombs on Ukraine through its super-destructive hypersonic missiles and many deadly rockets, but it is not getting any significant success. This has led to the fear of Russia carrying out a nuclear attack on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. In view of this danger, now NATO member France has dropped its 3 submarines equipped with atomic bombs in the sea after many decades.

According to the report of French media, this is happening for the first time after nearly 30 years that France has landed its 3 submarines together for patrolling in the sea. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin had also alerted his nuclear force in view of the Ukraine war and warned NATO countries. The report said that two of the four submarines equipped with France’s Triomphant-class nuclear missiles have left their bases, which keep patrolling in the Atlantic Ocean permanently.
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These submarines are equipped with an atomic bomb of 150 kilotons
A nuclear submarine is already present in the sea. The last 3 submarines were deployed together during the Cold War some 30 years ago. During this, a standoff broke out between the US and the Soviet Union over medium-range missiles. Defense experts say that these submarines, which come under the direct command of the President of France, have been deployed in view of the danger.

These nuclear-powered submarines can go anywhere in the world and remain hidden under water for months. The French submarine has the capability to carry 16 nuclear warhead-equipped missiles. This atomic bomb weighs 150 kilotons. Its firepower ranges from 6000 to 8000 km. Meanwhile, the French army has made its intentions clear by successfully testing an air-launched nuclear missile.