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France: Nearly 1,000 immigrants and homeless have been waiting for days in front of the Paris Prefecture

AA / Paris

With the support of the Collectif Réquisitions, of which the association of aid to immigrants Utopia 56 is a member, nearly 1,000 immigrants and homeless people have pitched tents in the André-Citroën park in front of the prefecture of Paris and Ile-de-France. -France, this Wednesday, September 1.

Kyata, 21, of African descent, has set up a tent in the park. She told Agence Anadolu (AA) that she arrived in France at the age of 15 and remained in unprotected immigrant status until the age of 18.

“My child was taken to the Child Protection Agency, but for 3 months my husband and we have been camping on the street and in tents. Still no solution has been found. We are really tired, c ‘It’s hard to continue like this, “said Kyata, who has a mother of a 3-year-old daughter.

In their search for shelter, the 115 line set up to handle the housing issue has been of no help, Kyata said, adding that they have been driven from wherever they have tried to set up their homes. tents.

“It’s cold and the situation is very difficult for the children. I want to work, to integrate into French society. I have skills,” she continued.

Kyata also pointed out that they are regularly ill and do not have access to medication. She said she was sorry for the discomfort created among other citizens because of the installation of the tents inside the park.

– The number of people in the park increases

Fanny Dulin, member of the Droit au Logement association, said that there are hundreds of people in the region settled in tents and without toilets.

“I don’t know how long we’re going to stay here. If a permanent solution to the housing need is not found, the number of people here will increase and those who don’t feel safe elsewhere will come. As the state lags behind. to find solutions, this place will become crowded, “said Dulin, stressing that the number of people setting up tents in the park has increased since Wednesday.

According to Dulin, the sole objective of Collectif Requisitions has been to provide permanent shelter to people on the streets for months. and stated. Our president (Emmanuel Macron) had promised when he took office that he will not let anyone stay in the street, but we see that the number of people in the street is increasing over the days “, he was indignant.

“A large number of children are present in the area where tents have been set up in the park,” Dulin said, adding that everyone is responsible for these images seen in France in 2021.

This tenth act, organized by the Collective demands for the homeless, has been taking place since Wednesday noon.

More than 3,600 homeless people have been able to benefit from housing thanks to the actions carried out by this organization since December 2020.

* Translated from Turkish by Alex Sinhan Bogmis

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