WorldFrance: Macron rolls out a major plan for Marseille

France: Macron rolls out a major plan for Marseille

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

French President Emmanuel Macron presented on Thursday a major plan for Marseille, including the creation of a new police station and a budget of 169 million euros to renovate the two main hospitals in the city.

Faced with a crisis linked to drug trafficking and settling of scores, the Marseille city will benefit from new measures to try to stem the phenomenon.

The Head of State will commit 150 million euros to the construction of the new police station, and the assignment of 200 new police officers by 2022.

The most sensitive districts of Marseille will see a contingent of 30 educators and 30 mediators arrive to assist residents.

Emmanuel Macron explains that he wants to carry out “a policy of harassment” against drug trafficking.

He recognizes that the public authorities have clearly “underestimated that the difficulties were concentrated” in the same sectors and that “the emergency is security, social and health”.

Deploring “an increasingly violent crime”, the President hopes to allow the inhabitants of the northern districts to regain their “tranquility”.

“I will come back next February to report on what has been done and what has not been done,” he also promised, before announcing “the automation of the metro, the creation of 4 tram lines and 5 bus lines with a high level of service ”.

Regarding education, the Head of State wants “the opening of 10 micro-colleges and 10 micro-high schools in Marseille” and pleads for “developing learning” for young people.

Arrived Wednesday in Marseille, Emmanuel Macron went to the heart of the city of Bassens, to meet the inhabitants.

“I tried to get out of it, but I stopped because the racism I had over the cap”, had then launched a young present to him.

A mother also explained to him, under the watchful eye of the cameras, that the sector is facing “a big problem already concerning education” and that “the schools lack teachers, with teachers not replaced, a lack of ‘infrastructure, no heating in winter and (…) a lot of dropping out of school’.

She asked that young people be “more supported” and wondered about the possible “solutions” that Emmanuel Macron could propose.

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