WorldFrance: Macron at the bedside of the northern districts of Marseille

France: Macron at the bedside of the northern districts of Marseille

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

French President Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Marseille on Wednesday, went to meet the inhabitants of the northern districts, where he was questioned about the difficulties that plague the sector.

The arrival of the Head of State in the Phocaean city comes against the backdrop of the exasperation of the inhabitants confronted with drug trafficking at the foot of their buildings.

While 15 settlements have been recorded in Marseille since the start of the year, Emmanuel Macron was faced with the distress of the inhabitants who exposed their difficulties to him.

“I tried to get out of it, but I stopped because racism was over the top,” a young man from the city of Bassens, in the 15th arrondissement, told him.

A mother explained to him, under the watchful eye of the cameras, that the sector is facing “a big problem already concerning education” and that “the schools lack teachers, with teachers not replaced, a lack of infrastructure, no heating in winter and (…) a lot of dropping out of school ”.

She asks that young people be “more supported” and questions the possible “solutions” that could be proposed by Emmanuel Macron.

“There are things that are progressing and there are neighborhoods where the situation remains very difficult (…) We will not do things overnight, but we want to have local players with us”, he said. he for his part declared before specifying that “it is enough to have clear rules”.

The plight of young people from working-class areas of the city was also described by an educator.

“We have an abandoned school, there is nothing for us,” he told the President, asking for “monitoring” and traceability of the funds that will be deployed by the State to improve the daily lives of citizens.

Faced with the journalists present, Emmanuel Macron pleaded for “more resources and educators” with “housing, consideration and employment”.

“Many of the things that we are going to launch will not have concrete results before the end of this mandate, but my responsibility is to try to make up for the time lost with the Coronavirus” he assured.

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