WorldFrance: Macron asks "forgiveness" from the harkis

France: Macron asks “forgiveness” from the harkis

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

French President Emmanuel Macron asked for “forgiveness” from the harkis, “fighters who suffered camps, prison and denial”, during a speech held Monday morning from the Elysee Palace where he received 300 representatives of these former Algerian auxiliaries of the French army.

He considers that France “has failed in its duties towards the harkis, their wives, their children”.

The Head of State has, moreover, announced that the executive “will carry before the end of the year a project aiming to inscribe in stone of the laws, the recognition and the reparation with regard to the harkis”.

“To the fighters, I want to say our gratitude; we will not forget. I beg your pardon, we will not forget ”, he said, assuring that“ the honor of the harkis must be engraved in the national memory ”.

According to him, the harkis suffered “an abandonment of the French republic” which was made guilty “of a failure in itself, in what it wants to be, and must be”.

He regrets that France has “let go of their hands and turned their backs” and has not “been faithful to either its history or its values”.

Note that in 2018, by decree published in the Official Journal, French President Emmanuel Macron had raised about twenty harkis in the order of the Legion of Honor.

On September 25 of the same year, on the occasion of the national day of homage to the harkis, Secretary of State Geneviève Darrieussecq announced a “harkis plan”, mobilizing an envelope of 40 million euros over four years and recognizing that “the Republic has failed in its duty to protect those who trusted it”.

As a reminder, the harkis, auxiliaries of the French army, fought for Algeria to remain French but then found themselves abandoned, in camps, left to their own devices, without any recognition or status after their arrival in France. .

They are thus more than 60,000 Algerians, to have acquired French nationality before being literally forgotten by the government against a background of racism.

In a book devoted to the history of the harkis, the writer and journalist Pierre Daum, reports a scathing sentence from General De Gaulle who declared that “harkis or not harkis, they are Muslims and France, which is a Christian country, is not made to welcome Muslims ”, suggesting the worst.

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