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France-Greece warship deal may break due to America, Biden will give second blow to Macron after AUKUS


  • America preparing to break another defense deal of France
  • After the Greece-France frigate deal, now America has also approved the deal
  • If the deal breaks, US-French relations will suffer a major setback.

The US is preparing to break another French defense deal. This time the target of the Biden administration is the Greece-French warship deal. France had in September finalized an agreement with Greece to purchase three Belharra-class frigates. Now the US has also approved foreign military sales of $ 9.4 billion to Greece. Under this deal, the US will modernize the Greek Navy’s MEKO class frigates and deliver four Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) ships. In such a situation, Greece can also cancel the earlier deal with France.

Preparations to give second blow after AUKUS agreement
Earlier, America along with Britain had signed AUKUS agreement with Australia. Under this agreement, America will give nuclear submarine technology to Australia to protect its interests in the Pacific Ocean. It was because of AUKUS that Australia canceled the diesel electric submarine deal signed a year ago without informing France. This angered France so much that it recalled its ambassadors from Australia and America. Later, after persuading Joe Biden, France sent its ambassador back to Washington.

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America signed a naval arms deal with Greece
According to the Pentagon’s Defense Security Corporation Industry, the US State Department has approved a foreign military sale to Greece’s Hellenic Navy towards the modernization of the MEKO class frigates and the delivery of four Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) ships. The deal could see Greece pay up to $6.9 billion for a range of naval equipment, including four multi-mission surface combatant ships, five vertical launch systems, five COMBATSS-21 combat management systems.

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America will also repair Greek warships
The US will also undertake repair and upgradation of the existing MEKO class frigates of the Hellenic Navy of Greece through the deal. The modernization of this fleet is estimated to cost about $ 2.5 billion. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems and VSE Corporation are the prime contractors in the deal. Washington said on Friday that the proposed sale would increase NATO’s military might in southern Europe. Not only this, building infrastructure will help Greece to deal with future threats.

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Greece and France signed a deal for warships in September
France’s Naval Group announced in September that it would sell three frigates to Greece as part of a tentative $3.4 billion deal. The agreement included an option for the future purchase of a fourth frigate. French military spokesman Herv√© Grandjean at the time said that Paris expected the agreement with Athens to be finalized within a period of three months. However, it is not yet clear whether Greece will break its agreement with France after the naval deal with the US. If the France-Greece warship deal breaks down, it will not only worsen relations with America, but will also deal a blow to NATO.