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France: eviction of a tenant after the conviction of his son for drug trafficking

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French justice authorized, on August 27, “Côte d’Azur Habitat” to evict a mother tenant of the organization because of her son convicted of drug trafficking announced, Sunday, Anthony Borré, deputy mayor of the city of Nice.

“Côte d’Azur Habitat” is a social landlord which allows low-income people to obtain housing at a reasonable price.

But it is for the first time that a mother will be evicted from her HLM (Housing with moderate rent) in the city of Nice (South) after the conviction of her son for drug trafficking.

In addition, she will also have to pay a fine of € 500.

On his twitter account, Anthony Borré was delighted with the decision, saying “First victory with the eviction of a drug trafficker, tenant of @coteazurhabitat!
Other eviction procedures are in progress, we will not let go: no #ocial housing for the enemies of the Republic! “.

Thus, not only the mayor but also the justice no longer distinguish between the condemned and his family.

Several people as well as associations such as the Abbé Pierre foundation strongly criticized the decision, saying that it was, above all, “a collective punishment”.

They felt that this would create more precariousness and that often “families were not aware of their children’s actions”.

On the other hand, other people supported the initiative by justifying by the fact that “it is the mothers who educate the children”.

– Côte d’Azur Habitat justifies the decision

“The Judicial Court considered that the existence and the seriousness of the disturbances were sufficiently reported to characterize the lack of peaceful enjoyment of the leased premises that any tenant, or any occupant of his head, must respect”, argue the officials of Côte d ‘Azur Habitat in the newspaper Le Figaro.

Still according to Le Figaro “for nearly a year, 72 similar proceedings have been initiated and other judicial decisions should be announced in the coming days”.

“22,000 social housing applicants are currently waiting in the metropolis. I want to show that social housing has to be earned. When you’re lucky enough to have one, the least you can do is to respect the laws of the Republic, ”insists the deputy in the same interview.

The town hall of Nice headed by the Republican, Christian Estrosi had voted in April, an agreement with the Nice prosecutor’s office and the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture allowing Côte d’Azur Habitat to be informed of the criminal conviction of the tenant or the tenant. reside in the apartment in order to proceed with the eviction of all persons.

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