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Found dead Jean-Jacques Savin, a 75-year-old French adventurer who wanted to row across the Atlantic

Jean-Jacques Savin, a 75-year-old French adventurer who in 2019 had crossed the Atlantic aboard a giant barrel, was found dead this Saturday in the cabin of his navigation, with which he left on January 1 from the south of Portugal. to row across the ocean. The lifeless body of the man was located on Saturday in the cabin of his boat, which had been seen overturned last Friday near the Azores, when one of the divers was able to access the boat, as explained in the French press by the team. of volunteers who helped him from his country.

They hadn’t heard from him since Thursday night, when the adventurer had activated his distress beacons. In 2019, Savin, a former military paratrooper residing in Arès (New Aquitaine), had spent four months in a barrel-shaped boat three meters long and 2.10 in diameter to cross the Atlantic, propelled by the wind and the current. until reaching the Antilles.

Jean-Jacques Savin’s boat, capsized in the Atlantic, in an image taken by the Portuguese Navy.HANDOUT (AFP)

On this occasion, he planned to spend a hundred days in a boat eight meters long with a rowing station in the middle to cross the ocean again. His goal was to reach Martinique in just over three months, a challenge with which he wanted to establish himself as “the rector of the Atlantic” and “mock old age”, as he had said in an interview on the France 3 network before leaving. In his last post on social media, Savin, who had had to change his trajectory up to 900 kilometers due to the strong winds of the first days, pointed out that he was facing powerful waves and the force of the wind. This “costs me physical energy. Calm down, I’m not in danger! ”He wrote then.

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