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Fortnite and Yahoo! abandon their business in China in response to difficulties operating in the country

Yahoo poster in BeijingTEH ENG KOON (AFP)

The Yahoo! They will no longer be accessible from today to those who try to connect to them in mainland China. The same will happen from November 15 with the popular video game Fortnite, developed by Epic. Both platforms have announced their intention to leave the country, citing the difficulties they encounter in their operations.

“The commercial and legal environment is increasingly difficult in China,” a Yahoo! spokesman explained to AFP, whose withdrawal completes a process that had already begun in 2013 with the closure of the messaging service. Although Epic has not specified the reasons that led it to leave China, Fortnite faced the additional obstacle of the limitation of playing time for those under 18, announced in August: according to the new rules, they can only play in line for three hours a week. The video game and search engine thus repeat the strategy followed by LinkedIn a month ago. The Microsoft-owned social network announced its departure from the country due to a “difficult environment.”

Other mainstream social networks, such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook and portals such as Wikipedia have not been accessible from China for a long time, where a long list of foreign media is also blocked by what is known as the “great computer wall” .

These decisions come at a time when the new regulations introduced regarding privacy and data security have increased the uncertainty and the cost of complying with the laws in force in the country. “Yahoo maintains its commitment to the rights of users and a free and open internet,” said the spokesman for the search engine, which also offered weather forecasting services and current information.

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