WorldFormer Tunisian President Merzuki supports the protests against President Said

Former Tunisian President Merzuki supports the protests against President Said

Former Tunisian President Munsif al-Marzuki, official Facebook from the page Tunisia He made a written post to his people.

To the Tunisians, “I congratulate the victory of the citizens on this day. Your message has reached those concerned.” Addressing President Said with the expression “secret dictator”, Merzuki said:

“Tunisians are not governed by decrees. They are governed by laws, institutions and constitutions that brought you to power and which you swore to defend but lied to.”

Emphasizing that the message given by the Tunisians is “for security, the military and the deep state,” Merzuki said, “The secret dictator is half a century behind Tunisians and does not represent them.” used the phrase.

Merzuki demanded that the protests continue, increasing every weekend until President Said is dismissed and put on trial.

Nearly 2,000 people, including politicians and activists, attended the demonstration in front of the Municipal Theater building on Habib Bourguiba Street in the capital, Tunis.

Said took over legislative and executive powers

Tunisian President Said issued new decrees expanding his powers on 22 September, after the Parliament suspended its work and dismissed the Prime Minister on 25 July.

With the new decrees, extraordinary arrangements were made regarding the legislative and executive powers of the President, and the temporary commission that oversaw the constitutionality of the bills was abolished.

According to the decrees published in the Official Gazette, the President of Tunisia was given the authority to issue “legislative texts” with Presidential decisions after taking the opinion of the Council of Ministers.

Under the decree, the Council of Ministers will no longer be responsible to the Assembly, but to the President. The president will appoint the prime minister, determine the cabinet members, the policy and decisions of the government.

The President was also given the authority to submit any Presidential decision to a public vote.

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