IndiaForgetting everything in the police vehicle and having sex; Officers without...

Forgetting everything in the police vehicle and having sex; Officers without hearing the call of ‘theft, beating’


  • Commission of Inquiry against Officers
  • Officials have denied the allegations
  • Four cases against both

Zurich: Officers who had sex inside a police vehicle have been accused of failing to take action in two nearby criminal incidents. The incident took place in Zurich, UK. The commission of inquiry received information that a young man and a young woman who were having sex after a police vehicle was parked on the roadway while on duty ignored two messages asking for help.

The British police are preparing to take action against two officers, Molly, Edwards and Richard Patron. Prior to this, important information came before the disciplinary committee which was hearing the case. Both have confessed to having sex in the car. The radio message also showed a police officer telling a colleague, including her husband, that he could take off his clothes. However, at around 4.51 am, the two received a radio message saying that a burglary had taken place at an electrical shop and that they needed to get to the scene immediately. But The Sun reported that the message was allegedly ignored.

It is noteworthy that the two officers involved in the incident were his wife and husband. They have two children. The Commission of Inquiry has found that the officers had failed to perform their duties. The Commission of Inquiry has stated that the action of both is shocking. If convicted, the two could face severe action, the report said.

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Some people injured in a robbery at a nightclub have been rushed to a nearby hospital following a robbery nearby. According to the report, they were only 15 minutes away from where the vehicle was parked, but they ignored the message.

The first charge against the officers was having sex inside a police vehicle in a public place. The incident took place between June and September 2019. The second charge against them is ignoring the message to get to the hospital immediately. They are also accused of hiding the relationship between the two from their superiors. They are also facing charges of racially abusing a colleague of Asian descent.

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Police also examined secret radio messages from a police vehicle parked in the Heath area of ​​Zurich. Police have also collected evidence of conversations between the two, including asking them to take off their clothes before having sex. Defendant Edward, on the other hand, says that this is the only time he has been on duty twice. However, the commission of inquiry said it could not prove the allegation that the two had been in a police vehicle for three consecutive months.

At the same time, Edward argues that not receiving messages asking for help is not because they are having sex. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. But the Commission of Inquiry rejected this argument. She said she avoided coming to the hospital to avoid having sex. Zurich police say they have given up the professional attitude and honesty that police officers need to maintain at work.

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