WorldForest fires are monitored from the Fire Management Center

Forest fires are monitored from the Fire Management Center

Mustafa Özkaya, Deputy General Director of the General Directorate of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that all fire extinguishing efforts in Turkey are managed centrally.

Pointing out that 3 systems work in integration at the center, Özkaya stated that they can see where all the vehicles are in Turkey with the navigation system.

Özkaya also touched upon the Fire-Cell System and explained that all personnel communicate with this system.

Pointing out that with the Decision Support System, they predict how, where and how much the fire can move in the light of the data received from the observation towers and UAVs, Özkaya reported that in the light of these decisions, fire fighting vehicles were dispatched to the regions.

Expressing that the fire notification comes in 3 ways, Özkaya said, “There is ALO 177 Forest Fire Warning Hotline, 112 Emergency Call Center and citizens can call us directly. Secondly, we can detect the fire from our camera towers. Our cameras are sensitive to heat and smoke. When they see it, we get the coordinates from here. Third, information comes from 9 UAVs we use. We monitor our forests 24 hours a day with our UAVs. The information received from here is transmitted to our crisis centers immediately.” used his statements.

Underlining that the Fire Management Center is in coordination with the fire management centers in the provinces, Özkaya said, “When we received the threat information of the thermal power plant of the fire in the Muğla region last night, we set out at around 1:00 am. The information flow is provided continuously. This center provides general coordination. We meet the demands coming from the provinces, taking into account all of our vehicles. We follow all our vehicles from here.” he said.

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Özkaya stated that the UAV images were watched live in the center, and that meteorological data were taken into account, and that the fires were constantly followed on the maps.

Providing information on the latest situation of the fires, Özkaya said, “With the fire in Denizli, there have been 133 fires since July 28. 8 of our fires continue. Others are under control. Under control does not mean that it is extinguished, it means that extinguishing and cooling works continue. “Our fight against our fires in Antalya and Muğla continues.” said.

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fire action plans

Pointing out that the period between May and November is called the fire season, Özkaya said:

“Other than these dates, we maintain the fire fighting vehicles. We make up for the deficiencies. In addition, we make a fire action plan. This plan is made by the OGM to cover Turkey as well as at the level of regional directorates. The action plans we make help us in the fight against fires.”

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