WorldForest fire in California destroyed about 210 thousand hectares

Forest fire in California destroyed about 210 thousand hectares

In California, the large-scale Dixie fire continues for more than a month, which has become the largest in the history of the state.

According to the latest data, the fire destroyed about 210 thousand hectares (equivalent to the area of ​​the Japanese capital Tokyo).

The fire broke out in northwestern California on August 13 and still poses a threat to green spaces and animals.

Firefighters managed to localize only 31 percent of fires.

More than six thousand firefighters are still involved in extinguishing fires.

Hot weather and thunderstorms increase the risk of new fires.

A natural disaster devastated the historic town of Greenville in northwestern California. It had a population of over 800 people. Over 180 buildings were burned down.

Earlier, the US National Interdepartmental Fire Center reported that since the beginning of the year, more than 37 thousand fires have flared up in the United States, more than 300 thousand hectares of forests have burned out.

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