WorldForest fire in Aydın was brought under control

Forest fire in Aydın was brought under control

Aydın Deputy Governor Mustafa Hulusi Arat, who made investigations in Başalan District, where the fire started, said that in the area within the borders of Aydın. the fire is under control told.

Stating that the fire has spread to the Muğla border, Arat said that extinguishing and cooling works continue in the region.

Stating that the fire did not damage the settlements, Arat said, “Damage assessment studies have not been done yet, but according to the first information we received, there is no significant damage to the settlements. However, the forests have suffered great damage.” said.

Şenay Kurt, who breeds animals in the Nebiler District of Kavaklıdere district of Muğla, said that they carried the cattle and small cattle in the barn to the barn of their neighbor during the fire.

Stating that he struggled to put out the flames with a shovel, Kurt said, “We went through hell here today. When it was said that the fire was coming, it was on the other side of the mountain, but we came here by running. I took our animals out of the barn. There were cows, chickens, dogs and donkeys. I released the donkey when I saw it alive downstairs. I was very happy, thank God. I saw my donkey there.” he said.

Yesterday, a forest fire broke out in the Başalan District of Bozdoğan, and the fire reached the Kavaklıdere district of Muğla.

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