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For the first time in 246 years, a US Sikh soldier got permission to wear a turban

A 26-year-old Sikh-American naval officer from the US has been allowed to wear a turban with certain restrictions. This information was given in a media news. He is the first person to be allowed to do so in the 246-year history of this iconic force. The New York Times reported, “Lt Sukhbir Toor has been donning the uniform of the US Naval Corps every morning for nearly five years.”

Respect for both country and religion
The report said that on Thursday, his wish to wear a Sikh turban on his head was also fulfilled. Toor is the first person in the 246-year history of the Marine Corps to be allowed to wear a turban, the report said. Toor said in an interview, ‘Finally I didn’t get to choose between my faith and the country. I respect both of them while staying as I am.

Longest and first case ever
Toor has struggled to get this right. When he got promoted to captain this year, he decided to appeal. According to the news, this was the first such case that lasted for such a long time. Toor, the son of an Indian expatriate who grew up in Washington and Ohio, has been permitted to wear a turban on duty, with certain limitations.

Exemption to wear turban with certain conditions
He can wear a turban while on normal duty, but he cannot do so when posted in a war zone. The NYT reported that Toor appealed the Marine Corps commandant’s restrictive decision. He says that if he is not allowed to wear turban everywhere, then he will sue the Corps.