WorldFloods kill 21 people in China

Floods kill 21 people in China

On August 13, local authorities said that 21 people had died and four others were still missing. The death toll was recorded in Liulin town in the city of Suizhou in northern Hubei. Nearly 6,000 people were evacuated, more than 2,700 homes and shops were damaged by the floods, and electricity, transport and communication systems were also disrupted, according to Xinhua.
Officials in Liulin and four other cities in Hubei province have declared a “red alert”.

What do the major floods in China and Germany have in common?

In July 2021, more than 300 people were killed by floods in Hunan province, northern China.
Most of the victims lived in Zhengzhou city, capital of Hunan province, with at least 292 people dead, including 14 who were trapped in subway compartments.

According to Xinhua, the new flood is relatively small in size compared with the flood that affected more than 8,000 people in July.

Floods often occur in China. However, this year’s floods come as China copes with a Covid-19 outbreak caused by the Delta variant.

Damage from the 2021 floods for China is estimated at more than 14 billion USD.

Floods in China kill 302 people, dozens are still missing


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