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Fishermen who say ‘vira bismillah’ for the hunting season in Trabzon sailed to the Black Sea with prayers

With the end of the fishing ban at sea Trabzonin fishermans, “vira bismillah“He went out to sea.

2020-2021 Fishing Season Opening therefore Çarşıbaşı in the county Yoroz Fishing ShelterThe ceremony was held in

Speaking at the ceremony, Trabzon Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu stated that in Turkey, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, there is a serious group of people who make their living in the fishing industry, and wished the new season to be auspicious, fruitful and accident-free.

Emphasizing that fishing is a culture that has been tried to be kept alive in Trabzon for centuries, Ustaoğlu said, “Fishing is developing and growing in our city. Especially if we consider the point that cage fishing has reached, we make an important contribution to the export of our country with approximately 14 thousand tons of fish produced in the sea. I can easily say that an export of over 50 million dollars has been realized for our province.” he said.

Pointing out that the Black Sea is an important region in terms of fisheries, Ustaoğlu stated that as Trabzon, they make a serious contribution to production and employment with other fish species, especially anchovy caught from the sea, and fish produced in trout farms.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Environment Committee and AK Party Trabzon Deputy Muhammet Balta also wished the new season to be beneficial and auspicious.

Balta thanked the workers on the fishing boats and said, “Our working brothers are doing a very difficult and grueling job. They are 6-7 months away from their families, they are at sea. They both add added value to their country, contribute to employment and struggle under difficult conditions to cheer up our tables with fish. I congratulate them wholeheartedly. ” said.

Balta stated that the AK Party gives very important support to fisheries as well as agriculture.

“Even during the pandemic process, with the consent of our President and ministers, around 14 billion support was given to our fishermen only in 2020. Support will continue to be given from now on. On the other hand, we are trying to keep our seas clean. 15 years ago, garbage and bags were not passed by the seaside in Trabzon. “The landfills of all our municipalities were our seas, but thank God, we have solved this problem in our Trabzon, where there is very little space, to solve environmental problems in this last period, during our rule. At the moment, our fishermen will sail from a clean shore.”

Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Cahit Gülbay also stated that Trabzon is a province with a high potential and added value in terms of fisheries, and said that fishing is carried out with 1095 boats and 4,700 crews in the city, which has a 115 kilometer coastline.

Speaking at the ceremony, AK Party Trabzon Deputy Salih Cora, IYI Party Trabzon Deputy Hüseyin Örs, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu also wished for a good and fruitful season.

After the speeches, prayers were prayed for a fruitful and auspicious season. After that, the fishermen who untied the rope were sent off to the blue waters hours before the end of the fishing ban.

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