WorldFishermen drew their first nets with abundance

Fishermen drew their first nets with abundance

After the ceremony at the Beykoz Poyrazköy Fishing Shelter, due to the start of the 2021-2022 Fishing Season by the Istanbul Governor’s Office, the purse-seiner named Elmas Brothers sailed from Poyrazköy Port with 32 personnel, saying “vira bismillah”.

Fishermen, who threw a net of about 500 meters off Kireçburnu, drew their first nets with the sound of “Hop”.

Around 150 kilograms of red mullet, sardines, horse mackerel and mullet arrived in the first net.

Oktay Saka, the chief of the boat, said that they were dealing with the preparations for the season and maintaining the boat and net during the 4.5-month fishing ban.


First time trial

Expressing that the opening of the season was their “birthday”, Saka stated that the first time was for trial purposes, and that they paid attention to issues such as the training of the novices and the harmony of the staff.


Explaining that they have identified some deficiencies and started to work to eliminate these deficiencies, Saka said, “There can be no mistakes in our profession. We have to do everything right. For that purpose, we have wrapped this net. Now we will go to the port and set sail again in the morning and throw our net.” said.

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