TechnologyFirst rumors about PS5 Pro, it could arrive in 2024

First rumors about PS5 Pro, it could arrive in 2024

The first rumors begin about a revision of the PlayStation 5 hardware, with a Pro model that according to the YouTube channel RedGamingTech will arrive on the market by 2024. Citing sources inside Sony, the host of the channel Paul Eccleston says that the PS5 Pro will present substantial improvements compared to the basic model, that is a double computational speed and a series of improvements for also work better with PlayStation VR2, the second version from the virtual reality helmet which is expected to be launched this year. The console will also become faster at handling ray tracing better. Obviously this is nothing confirmed, but we know that the release of a revised model compared to the first would not be new for Sony, with PS4 that after three years on the market saw the PS4 Pro arrive. PS5 came out in November 2020, so a revision between 2023 and 2024 can be expected. This is not the very first time that this possibility has been mentioned: according to some rumors, Sony has already sent the very first PS5 Pro kits to a selected number of developers, to start familiarizing themselves with the new hardware. Furthermore, Sony is also used to relaunch a “slim” version of its consoles after a few years, with a new design that is generally smaller. It remains to be seen if this is the fate that will also touch PS5, which at the moment is still difficult to find in stores around the world due to the crisis of the production lines.