WorldFire in prison in Indonesia: 41 dead

Fire in prison in Indonesia: 41 dead

Rika Apriant, spokesperson for the Prisons Department of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, said in a statement that 39 inmates were injured in the fire that broke out in the C Block, where prisoners convicted of drug crimes were staying.

Hundreds of soldiers and police were dispatched to the area to take control of the prison, while the fire, which broke out between 01.00 and 02.00 local time, was completely extinguished.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

There are frequent riots and escapes in Indonesian prisons, where more than capacity is held. Tangerang Prison, where the fire took place, has a capacity of 1225 people according to official statistics, but approximately 2,000 prisoners are held in the prison.

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