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Fire at the Kiel refugee accommodation center: the German police favor the trail of a premeditated act

AA / Istanbul

German police said on Wednesday that they favor the trail of a premeditated act, about the fire which broke out in a refugee accommodation center in the city of Kiel, in the north of the country.

German television “Deutsche Welle” (DW) reported, citing a police spokesperson on condition of anonymity, that “the incident in the district of” Holtenau “in Kiel is currently under investigation. ‘an investigation as arson ”.

Last night, several fires were started in the external part of the refugee accommodation center and in 4 other annex buildings located in the “Holtenau” district of the German city of Kiel, (north) which required rapid intervention of several firefighting units, according to the same source.

Dozens of rescue teams were involved in putting out the fires, according to the DW, which suggested the arson was motivated by far-right ideas.

According to data, firefighting units were able to quickly bring the fires under control and rescue teams examined 20 people while two of them were taken to hospital due to inhaling smoke from the fire. ‘fire.

The latest statistics, released early last year, revealed that the Federal Criminal Police Office recorded 1,620 cases of attacks against refugees in 2019, specifying that 229 people were injured as a result of the attacks. .

The German Interior Ministry said in a statement that “these attacks on migrants involve bomb attacks, arson, in addition to attacks with other weapons.”

* Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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