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Finland’s ‘monster’ who swallowed 500 Russian soldiers, used to lie like a ‘corpse’ in -40 degree Celsius.

Moscow : Russian President Vladimir Putin wants his country to return to the days when the Soviet Union was a ‘superpower’. Putin is very vocal about his intentions. But about a decade before Putin’s birth, his Red Army, known as a ‘superpower’, was single-handedly destroyed by a Finnish sniper. Considered to be the deadliest sniper in history, it is called ‘The White Death’.

In 1939, just three months before World War II, the Soviet Union invaded Finland. During this winter war, sniper Simo Hayha single-handedly killed 500 Russian soldiers. The brave Finnish soldiers with the help of snipers, The Sun reported, were able to defeat the huge Russian army as 70,000 people died compared to 400,000.
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Sniper used to hide for hours waiting for the victim
Simo wore a white snowsuit and hid himself in a thick layer of snow. He used to hide in the snow without any movement until he hunted his prey. Simo’s list of murders is a symbol of national pride for Finland. Yet Putin is unafraid of the next generation of ‘Sino Hayha’. Sniper Simo Haiha had shown the defense capability of his country during the Winter War in 1939.

Used to hunt by wearing a sheet of -40 degree Celsius
He grew up in the jungles and learned shooting to hunt animals. He would lie down for a long time without making any movements to wait for the enemy in the cold of -40 ° C. For hours his body remained motionless and the finger was on the triggle. Due to one hunt after another, he was called a monster among Russian soldiers. Now Finland and Sweden are going to join NATO, which Putin is not happy at all.

Finland unafraid of Putin’s missiles
Taking lessons from the Ukraine war, Finland has abandoned its neutral policy to join NATO, while Russia has called the move a grave mistake. Russia and Finland share a long land border. Despite the deployment of nuclear missiles on the border by Moscow in the past, Finland has not changed its mind.