IndiaFight on new report of Rafale: Sambita Patra vs Pawan Khera, know...

Fight on new report of Rafale: Sambita Patra vs Pawan Khera, know who said what


  • Sambit Patra holds press conference on behalf of BJP on Rafale scam
  • BJP said – in whose government the scam happened, the truth came out
  • Patra said- SM Gupta was the agent in the scam, the old player of the commission

New Delhi
The genie of the Rafale scam has come to the fore once again. A new report by French magazine Mediapart has claimed bribes in the Rafale deal. After this, on Monday, the Congress attacked the BJP. Today, citing the same report on behalf of the BJP, the question of corruption during the UPA regime was raised. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra quoted a French magazine report as saying that the corruption in the Rafale deal happened only during the UPA’s tenure.

Truth of Rafale scam exposed
BJP spokesperson said that during whose tenure the scam happened, the truth has come to the fore today. He said that this entire matter happened between 2007 and 2012. Patra said that the name of the broker has come up in this deal. The name of the broker has been given as SM Gupta. He said this person was also named in the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper scam. Gupta is an old player of bribery. He was also a commission agent in the AgustaWestland case.

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Shocking content of agreement of commission
Patra said that during the tenure of Congress, we did not see the commission of purchase but definitely saw the commission of agreement. Patra said that Rahul Gandhi should answer from Italy. Patra said that 40% commission has been mentioned in this agreement. The BJP spokesperson said that before the 2019 elections, Congress and other opposition parties had created a fierce atmosphere regarding Rafale. They thought that this would be an electoral advantage, but the country saw what happened.

41 thousand crore scam in Rafale
Responding to the allegations of Sambit Patra, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said that you negotiated the commission very quickly. And did it in such a way that the thing worth 526 crores was bought without tender for 1670 crores. Sambit ji is right that the PM has finalized this deal very quickly. 41 thousand crore scam in Rafale deal

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‘… the prime minister has been caught red handed’, said Congress
In this matter, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said that Kol, 2G, Vinod Rai’s apology and now Rafale… Prime Minister has been caught red handed while removing the no corruption clause in this case. In this, the Prime Minister himself goes to buy an aircraft worth 526 crores for 1670 crores. Transfer of Technology cancelled. Congress spokesperson said that such a big deal is done without tender. The law ministry ignores its own defense ministry by intervening by the PM himself. No action is taken for 26 months on the complaint and the paper is recovered from the broker’s house. Now tell me who is the culprit.

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New claim of bribery in French magazine report
In relation to the Rafale deal with India, the French investigative magazine ‘Mediapart’ has made a new claim of secret bribery. The magazine has claimed that French aircraft maker Dassault Aviation secretly paid around 7.5 million euros to a middleman to help secure the deal from India. Fake bills were allegedly used to enable the Dassault company to pay the bribe amount.