WorldFIFA World Cup on the agenda

FIFA World Cup on the agenda

Speaking to the Israeli media, FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated that they continue to work on reforms in the World Cup, “We will already hold the 48-team World Cup for the first time in 2026. We continue to discuss the issue of organizing the next tournament every two or four years.” said.

Stating that he did not agree with the criticism that the FIFA World Cup would decrease if it was organized more frequently, Infantino said, “The World Cup and similar organizations are magic tournaments, and therefore, the more frequently they are organized, the more their value increases. The prestige of the tournaments is determined not by their frequency, but by their quality. Events like Super Bowl, Wimbledon and Champions League are held every year. Everyone is looking forward to these tournaments.” used his statements.

On the other hand, UEFA, which is against the organization of the World Cup every two years, announced that it started the process of hosting the 2028 European Football Championship within a week. If the FIFA World Cup is held biennially, there is also the risk that the two tournaments will be held in the same year as each other.

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