WorldFETÖ's confession of filing from the Air Force's private imam

FETÖ’s confession of filing from the Air Force’s private imam

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that Ö.T. He completed the investigation and filed an indictment.

In the indictment prepared by the Terrorist Crimes Investigation Bureau, it was stated that Ö.T used GSM lines known as “operational lines” and communicated with the Air Force Command personnel through these in intra-organizational communication.

The indictment also included the confessions of Ö.T., who wanted to benefit from effective repentance provisions.

Acknowledging that he was working within FETÖ, Ö.T stated that he first met the organization in the classroom where he went to prepare for university.

Noting that he used the code name “Burak” in the organization at that time, and that he was given the task of dealing with military students in the second semester of the last year of the university by the administrators of the organization, Ö.T said, “I had organizational meetings with about 10 students until the end of the university. Before the questions of the KPSS exam I took in 2012, flashlight It was given to me in memory and I started working at Samsun Provincial Immigration Administration in 2013 with this KPSS.” provided information.

Ö.T, “When I was dealing with military students, I collected the information of the personnel and students who were not members of the organization and transferred them to the senior organization members with an SD card.” made a statement.

Ö.T, who admitted that he contacted military students by calling from kiosks and landlines and held organizational meetings, said, “I left this structure after I took office in 2013. After that process, I did not accept even though they called and invited me many times. I regret that I was in this structure. ” used his statements.

Effective repentance provisions were requested.

WEED. In the indictment prepared against him on the charge of “being a member of an armed terrorist organization”, it was stated that the suspect gave information suitable for the dissolution of FETO and the arrest of its members in order to benefit from the effective repentance provisions.

In the indictment, which was recorded as having met the conditions for the effective repentance provisions, the following statements were included:

​“The suspect is accused of actively dealing with cadets in the organization, making these calls over pay/landlines or in-phone programs in order to comply with the confidentiality rules, using the secret communication tools of the organization by taking a code name, using the secret information of the cadets in favor of the organization. It has been understood that the organization is included in the private services class of the Air Force Command with its actions such as registering it as a registered office and handing it over to the relevant officials and continuing these activities continuously.

In this way, it is seen that there is sufficient evidence and suspicion that the suspect is a member of FETÖ/PDY due to his actions in the form of taking active duty and responsibility, and it is seen that the suspect provides information suitable for the dissolution of the organization and the arrest of its members in order to benefit from the effective repentance provisions within the scope of the file. It is understood that the conditions for the implementation of the provisions have been met.

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