WorldFenerbahce signs Uruguayan football player Diego Rossi

Fenerbahce signs Uruguayan football player Diego Rossi

In a statement made by the yellow-dark blue club, “Our club has leased Diego Rossi from the USA’s Los Angeles team for 1 year with the option to purchase. We wish success to our Uruguayan player, born in 1998, with our bared jersey. Welcome to Fenerbahçe, Diego.” expressions were used.

“It’s an honor to be here”

Speaking to FBTV, Rossi said, “I am very excited and happy. I am taking a new step in my career. It is an honor for me to be here. I watched Fenerbahce’s matches. He started this season with the victories he received. I know that there are good players in the squad. This is my goal, too.” To be useful to the team this season.” he said.

Stating that he can play on the wings and in the forward zone, Rossi noted that his new team started the season well and said, “It is very important to start the season successfully like this. It will be our most important goal to be successful in all lanes. These wins also help to restore self-confidence in the team. 5 wins in 5 matches is really a lot. It’s important. I will do my best to help the team win games and trophies. I will work hard throughout the season and I would like to thank everyone once again for the messages they have sent me during this process.” made its assessment.

Noting that the fact that he will play with Mesut Özil is important for his career, Rossi said:

“We have a lot of good players in our team. First of all, I would like to talk about Lemos. I am Uruguayan, I am a citizen. I know he is a good player. I have to add Mesut Özil and Valencia. We have a nice staff made up of good players. Together with Mesut Özil,” he said. It is very important for my career to play. I think the contribution of such players to the team is very important. Mesut Özil is a very good player. I am very excited to be on the same field. I want to improve myself. I do my best to be useful to the team, for the success of the team. I aim to do that. I will do my best to close this season with trophies in every lane we compete in.”

Fenerbahçe Club Board Member Selahattin Baki, who participated in the broadcast, explained the transfer process.

Expressing that they are competing with other clubs for Rossi, Baki said:

“First of all, good luck. I would like to welcome Diego Rossi. There were serious opponents as in the transfer of Min-jae Kim before, but we acted a bit aggressively, using our environment to complete this transfer, we are happy. One of the long-lasting transfers, it was not easy. He also preferred us. After presenting the project, he was also impressed and found it suitable for his future to come to Fenerbahce. I think it will be good. He was a player that our coach wanted very much. Both sides wanted each other. From now on, may God give the football player luck, from accident, from trouble, from injury. “I hope he will give a very good performance. It has been a very dynamic process. We acted more willingly by acting both smart and agile and using our environment. We were able to act more pioneering, so we finished it.”

The yellow-dark blue club also announced that Rossi passed health checks.
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