WorldFenerbahce lost away to Olympiakos

Fenerbahce lost away to Olympiakos

Fenerbahce, UEFA Europa League Representative of Greece in the 5th week match of Group D Olympiacoslost 1-0 away to . The yellow-dark blue team, which lost the chance to be in the first 2 places before the last week’s matches in the group, went on its way to Europe. UEFA Conference Leaguewill continue in .

First half

Masouras, who met the ball on the right wing with Onyekuru’s pass in the 5th minute, transferred the leather ball to Aguibou Camara in front of the castle. The ball this player didn’t have, went out.

In the 18th minute, İrfan Can Kahveci, who met with the ball on Sosa’s pass, hit the round leather post and returned to the field of play when he hit it from just outside the penalty area.

Fenerbahce was effective in the 20th minute. Zajc, who got active on the ball lost by the Olympiakos defense, passed the pass to İrfan Can Kahveci, who was running from the left. Berisha, who was on the back post in the middle of İrfan Can, hit the ball when it came, and the leather round came out with a narrow margin.

In the 21st minute, Masouras hit the ball in the middle of Reabciuk’s left-hand side, and the leather round returned from the defense. After Lala’s shot, the ball went a little over the top.

Sokratis, who was injured in Olympiakos in the 24th minute, left his place to Ba.

The ball hit by Min-jae, who was trying to move the ball away from the penalty area in the 32nd minute, hit Al-Arabi. Goalkeeper Berke Özer, with difficulty, took the corner with the leather ball heading towards the goal.

In the 38th minute, Al-Arabi hit the ball in front of the penalty spot in the middle of Onyekuru, and the leather round narrowly went astray.

Fenerbahçe approached the goal in the 40th minute. Berisha took the ball in the free kick, which was won after Rossi was dropped, and the leather round narrowly went out.

The first half ended goalless.

Second half

Mert Hakan Yandaş’s kick from outside the penalty area in the 53rd minute, the ball narrowly went astray.

In the 74th minute, Reabciuk’s pass, meeting the ball with the arrival of Al-Arabi, the leather round narrowly went out.

In the 79th minute, Lala hit the ball in the middle of Reabciuk’s back post, and the leather round went aloft.

Olympiakos took the lead in the 90th minute. Suares, who hit the ball in front of the goal in the middle position of Reabciuk, brought the round leather nets together: 1-0

There was no other position in the match and the fight ended with the home team 1-0 advantage.

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