SportsFederer gives himself a joy

Federer gives himself a joy

After a premiere that accentuated concerns and diminished the reasons for optimism, Roger Federer granted himself a truce and caught a vitamin victory against Richard Gasquet (6-3, 6-1 and 6-2) that allows him to gain time and earn a place in the third round of the great English. However, Federer is still missing. Although he is always a ponderous and elegant man, his face gives him away: a shy little smile after getting rid of the French, but nothing more. The procession goes, must go, inside. The Swiss has a long way to go until the version he needs to win this Wimbledon and, for the moment, a victory without setbacks or bumps is worth it.

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It was enough for Federer with an outburst of genius to untangle the first set and end the helpless resistance of Gasquet, already back, a friendly opponent who facilitated the task of resuscitating the champion of 20 grand. The Gaul coughed a couple of times, nothing more; By now, it’s a candy. And the one from Basel thanked him, who once the start was resolved could finally compete with relative calm, without the tension to which Adrian Mannarino led him in the opening of the tournament – two sets to one below – until the Frenchman’s knee said enough in a faulty maneuver. Federer came from taking a good scare, saved on Tuesday by the rival’s misfortune, and the tranquility of this Thursday tasted like glory in his second appearance.

As soon as he unblocked, Federer could better test the movements and the race, the response of that right knee that leads him to abuse and oppresses his praiseworthy attempt to get back on the train. Remember: it is practically 40 springs, August 8, thirteen months in the dry dock and two operations; a lot of rust, a year and a half away from the greats and decimated morale because he wants to, but his body invites him to put the brakes on. He asked for calm in Paris, in the third game, and he did so previously on his return, in March. Then came Halle’s disappointment, a more painful defeat than expected because that day, the Swiss stood in front of the mirror and did not recognize himself.

Thus, the great genius of the racket wins time, who despite the circumstances continues to give away pearls and 50 winners against Gasquet. He did not need more: service, service and service to tie the first sleeve and draw in the next two. He has not forgotten how to play the violin, of course. Serious because the certainties do not arrive, it will be measured on Saturday for the eighth with the local Cameron Norrie, a harsh opponent and who will not offer the benevolence of the French. While the TIC Tac, Federer is still looking for Federer, who could at least give himself a joy in the middle of his complex journey through the desert to find himself again.

“I think I played a good game. I have played well and I have felt good physically ”, he valued. “This will give me more confidence. I have been able to hit the ball naturally and every time I have been feeling better “, he continued before warning of the tough level of Norrie:” He has improved a lot this year [es el 34º de la ATP] and he’s playing very solidly on all surfaces. I’m very happy for him, because he’s a good guy ”.

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