IndiaFarooq Abdullah news: Taliban 'confessed' to former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq...

Farooq Abdullah news: Taliban ‘confessed’ to former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah, asked – what is the harm in having a relationship with him?


  • Statement of former Jammu and Kashmir CM regarding India’s talks with Taliban
  • NC Chief Farooq Abdullah said that India should talk with Taliban
  • Farooq Abdullah said that India does not have good relations with any country today
  • India has invested more than 3 billion in Afghanistan

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah has advised the central government to hold talks with the Taliban Nizam in Afghanistan. Referring to India’s huge investments in Afghanistan, Abdullah said that the Taliban are now in power there, so they should be talked to. He also asked that what is the harm in having a relationship with the Taliban?

Farooq Abdullah said, ‘The Taliban is now in power in Afghanistan. During the old regime in Afghanistan, India spent billions on different projects. We should talk to the current regime in Afghanistan. When we have invested so much in this country, what is the harm in having a relationship with them?’

‘India spent over 3 billion’
Abdullah said, ‘Afghanistan is a free country. There is now the Taliban. India has spent three billion rupees in Taliban there. Even today Afghanis are living comfortably here. We should talk to their government. Is it difficult to be friends?’

‘Which country is our friend?’
Regarding India’s relationship with countries, he said that which country is our friend today? Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka none is ours. Pakistan was never our friend? What have we won and what have we lost?

‘Taliban not coming to Kashmir’
The former CM of Jammu and Kashmir said that this is not a matter of Jammu and Kashmir. Taliban will not come here. He should solve his issue first. Only fear has been created in us that Taliban is going to come to us.

‘No need to take help from America’
NC President said that we do not need to go to America. We are 1.3 billion people. We have the largest population after China. We have to stand on our own feet, only then we can save our country.

India has kept distance
Let us tell you that with the capture of Kabul on August 15, the Taliban have established rule over the whole of Afghanistan. However, India has kept distance from the Taliban for now. Looking at the history of Taliban, the central government is taking steps and has adopted the policy of ‘wait and watch’.

Farooq Abdullah