IndiaFacebook with action; Pro-Taliban posts banned

Facebook with action; Pro-Taliban posts banned


  • Facebook with tough action.
  • Pro-Taliban posts banned.
  • Facebook is monitoring the situation.

New York: Facebook has taken tough action after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan as a threat to the rest of the world. The Taliban and pro-Taliban posts were banned. Facebook has added the Taliban to its list of terrorist organizations.

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Facebook said it was closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. On Monday, Facebook announced that it was listing the Taliban as a terrorist organization. Meanwhile, there were reports that the Taliban were using WhatsApp to exchange ideas.

Facebook is also moving to remove some WhatsApp accounts as there is a potential for campaigns through WhatsApp. Posts in support of the Taliban have been appearing on social media since the Taliban captured Afghanistan. The Taliban is gaining huge support on Twitter. Tens of thousands of such tweets were released.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has reacted to the controversy over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was firm. There is no guilt in the withdrawal of the army. He said the Afghan government had fallen earlier than expected.

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“The Afghan military has never been ready to fight the Taliban. “Instead of blocking the Taliban’s advance, the Afghan army withdrew its weapons, including those provided by the United States,” he said.

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