WorldFacebook lost over $ 50 billion in value in one day

Facebook lost over $ 50 billion in value in one day

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Facebook’s share price collapsed on Monday on the New York Stock Exchange, following a widespread outage of social networks and mobile applications “Facebook”, “WhatsApp” and “Instagram”, combined with the impact of whistleblower revelations about the company.

Nasdaq-listed “Facebook, Inc. (FB)” stock fell 6% mid-afternoon to US $ 323, the second largest single-day pullback in the year. valuation of the American giant, since a drop of 6.3% recorded on October 30, 2020.

The action seemed to make up some of its losses on Monday at the end of the day, while it recorded a daily decline of 4.89% at the close of the Nasdaq, to ​​326.23 dollars.

The company’s market value fell $ 50.7 billion during the day to $ 919.8 billion, as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, founder and largest shareholder of the group, lost $ 6.1 billion in 24 hours, according to the real-time list of billionaires, by the economic magazine “Forbes” which places it in 6th position in the world with 116.5 billion dollars.

The loss of value of the Facebook share follows the publication by the American daily “New York Times” of documents internal to the company, revealing that it “puts profits before security”.

The documents shared with the public during the past month by Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, through several American media including the Wall Street Journal and the New York daily, as well as the interview given by her to the national television on Sunday, caused the value of the American company to collapse as soon as Wall Street opened on Monday morning.

“The revelations – including that Facebook knew Instagram worsened adolescent body image problems and had a two-tier justice system – drew criticism from lawmakers, regulators and the public,” The New York Times reported on Sunday.

“Ms. Haugen also filed a whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing Facebook of having misled investors with public statements that did not correspond to its internal actions,” notes the American daily.

The widespread blackout on Monday afternoon accelerated the sharp fall in the shares of the American social media giant, which also brought down the stocks of other Nasdaq giants such as Twitter (-5.79%) and Alphabet. , the parent company of Google (-2.11%).

Nearly 112,000 outages were reported Monday on Facebook, more than 92,000 outages on Instagram, and nearly 30,000 outages on WhatsApp, said the DownDetector site which tracks Internet service outages.

“We are aware that some people have difficulty accessing our applications and products,” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said on Twitter, adding: “We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience. “

The “” and “” websites were back online at around 9.45pm (GMT) after an absence of about six hours, while WhatsApp was still not accessible.

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