WorldFacebook harms both youth and democracy, says ex-manager

Facebook harms both youth and democracy, says ex-manager

He recently appeared in public by whistleblowing against the company. former Facebook executive Frances Haugenattended a session of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Subcommittee on some of the company’s methods.

haugen, your facebook, so as not to give up on high profits He did not knowingly regulate the characteristics of children and young people on which they are dependent, and many practices that harm these groups, and He argued that he kept the research results from the public.

“We can have social media that connects us without harming our democracy, without endangering our children, and without causing ethnic violence around the world.” Haugen, using the expression, claimed that Facebook, with its many choices, harmed democracy both in the USA and around the world and fueled discrimination.

“Facebook needs Congress to act to regulate it. The company prefers profits to public safety.” Haugen said, “If the Congress does not take a step, social media companies will continue to earn only high profits without taking responsibility.

Stating that research on the consequences of the company’s many regulations for children and young people should be disclosed to the public, Haugen stated that the fact that the companies in question are not “held responsible for the content” according to US laws also pushes these companies to irresponsibility.

Haugen leaked Facebook reports

Haugen, 37, a data scientist who graduated from the same university as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, announced on the “60 Minutes” program broadcast on CBS channel that the company had leaked its own internal reports to the Wall Street Journal and federal departments.

Stating that Facebook’s internal investigations have shown how it magnifies hatred and misinformation, Haugen claimed that after Joe Biden’s election as president last year, the company closed measures to prevent misinformation and possible riots, which contributed to the January 6 congressional raid. .

Noting that after Facebook disbanded the relevant “civil integrity” unit, which he had been working with since 2019, after the November 3, 2020 elections, Haugen noted that he lost his trust in the company and quit his job, “Facebook has repeatedly shown that it prefers profit to security.” he had spoken.

Facebook chief executive Nick Clegg argued that Haugen’s claims were “misleading”, arguing that the available evidence did not support the idea that Facebook, or social media more generally, was the main cause of polarization.

The American Wall Street Journal, in the news it published in mid-September, shared with the public some documents investigating the relationship between Facebook products and the mental health of children and young people, and the findings in the reports leaked from Facebook’s company caused controversy.

According to FactSet analysts, Facebook, which had $56 billion in revenue in 2018, increased its revenue to $119 billion this year, and the market value of the company, which was $375 billion in 2018, rose to approximately $1 trillion this year.

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