IndiaFabric masks are not enough to prevent omicron; Experts warn

Fabric masks are not enough to prevent omicron; Experts warn


  • The mask should be made of quality cloth
  • Experts say that wearing a single layer mask is the same as wearing it or not
  • Reusable masks are now available

London: Experts say the fabric mask is inadequate to combat Covid’s new variant, Omicron. Health experts have warned that masks made in different colors to match the fabric to the clothes will not fight the virus.

Trish Greenhall, a professor at the University of Oxford, said that the quality of the fabric used to make a three-layer mask depends on its resistance. Fabric mask has become just a fashion product. He explained that only masks with different layers made of quality fabric can fight the disease.

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Greenhall said manufacturers need to make sure masks are 95 percent germicidal. There is no point in wearing a mask if your mouth and nose are not covered properly. At the same time you need to be able to breathe. Fabric masks were used by people who were concerned about money and the environment. But reusable quality masks are now available on the market, Greenhall said.

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There is no difference between wearing a single layer mask and not wearing a mask. Researcher Peter Juni points out that a mask with only one layer has less ability to filter.

As the Omicron virus spreads around the world, countries around the world are tightening controls. The UK has issued a directive requiring users of public transport to wear masks in closed venues and shops with poor ventilation.

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