IndiaExternal Affairs Ministry says PM Modi's visit to US a great success

External Affairs Ministry says PM Modi’s visit to US a great success


  • The Prime Minister returned to India
  • The Prime Minister addressed the United Nations General Assembly
  • PM invites US companies to India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US has been a great success, the External Affairs Ministry has said. Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla made the announcement. He said the visit to the US, which provided an opportunity for high-level meetings, was “beneficial in every way”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to India on Saturday after a three-day visit to the United States. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also met US President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the Prime Ministers of Australia and Japan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will return after attending the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. The State Department says the Prime Minister’s visit to the US is a milestone. After the official functions, Modi returned to India on Saturday at 9.15 pm Indian time.

The Prime Minister also tweeted that he has been part of several bilateral and multilateral talks over the past few days and has been able to meet company CEOs in the US in person. His message came just before boarding a flight from the US. He said there was no doubt that India-US relations would be further strengthened in the coming years. He also tweeted that the relationship between individuals in both countries is very strong.

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The Prime Minister met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and invited five top US companies to invest in India. The Prime Minister also met Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan and General Atomics Vivek Lal. Modi met Joe Biden for the first time since becoming US president. The first meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris also took place during the visit. The Covid 19 pandemic, climate change and threats to democracy were discussed at the meeting between the leaders. The leaders also discussed issues in the Indo-Pacific region. Narendra Modi described India and the US as natural partners.

The crucial meeting of the India-US-Japan-Australia alliance was also held in the US yesterday. President Joe Biden told the gathering that the four democracies must work together to tackle issues ranging from the Covid 19 pandemic to climate change. He added that global plans for the future of the alliance of four democracies are similar.

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Addressing the UN General Assembly on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was proud to address the meeting as the Prime Minister of India, known as the Mother of Democracy. Modi said that he had become the Prime Minister of the country while selling tea at the railway station and this shows the power of democracy.

The two countries have pledged to curb the theft, smuggling and trafficking of culturally significant items. President Joe Biden hands over 157 Indian antiquities in US to Prime Minister Modi

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